Apps are a must on Thanksgiving everyone munches and talks, this is not a fancy spread but ask for people to bring extras to add. This is just canned and jarred pickles and olives and a veggie platter bought at the store and placed in pretty dishes.

Main course


I make a turkey every year and we buy a ham at honey baked ham because it really is a crowd favorite, and for the vegetarian I buy quorn products (he likes the chicken nuggets but they ave turkey).



The sides are pretty simple I make sweet potato casserole, stove top stuffing with some dded things, Jordan potatoes, and good ole fashion canned cranberry sauce because that's what the family likes.



Veggies are a biggie in our house I usually do two or three to make sure we have one covered in bacon and one or two for the vegetarians (honey carrots or roasted veggies).



Dessert is one of those things that I usually buy now, because the pies are just as good. i do try and make one or two things I definitely buy the vegetarian version of pies, cakes, or cookies. 



I use throw away pans always Costco has  large pack for around $6 and you wont regret it. I also use fancy paper plates. Buy half store bought and half homemade and the rest delegate out most people are more than wiling to bring  pie , side, or appetizer just ask.