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 Moxie is the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage. 


Hi Guys, It has been awhile, we are back but unfortunately our old website is gone..... so we are slowly trying to add back info and recipes and new stuff is coming your way. This is a labor of love but we missed it so much. We needed the break and we have had a lot of stuff happening good and bad. PLEASE BE PATIENT with us as we get back on our feet and bring back what we love about finding my moxie.



About Us


We are sisters....

Kid with Type 1 Diabetes

We have lived with a kid with Type 1 diabetes for 8 years now.

The Blog

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We love food.... Jamie likes to cook and Patti likes to clean it is a match made in heaven. Oh and we eat out at a lot of fun cost friendly places we will share the hacks.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, any beauty product finds or hacks you will find here.

Life Skills 101

There are a lot of life skills that are not taught these days. We plan on posting skills, hacks, and old thing that makes life easier.


We love free stuff and giving HONEST reviews of products. If we don't really like a product we will share it and let you know what we don't like.

Living in Arizona

 Arizona views and reviews for budget friendly experience. 

Our Dogs

Two Beagles and a Lab make up our little furry family.

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