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Moxie- The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.
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We hope you enjoy our site we love good food, good products, and good entertainment. Make sure you come back everyday for new stuff we are working on.

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Who doesn't love Pinterest? We sure do.. We are testing out some of the posts we see all the time and wonder does that work? is that a good recipe?

check it out... Here

Monday madness
It is really hard to get dinner on the table on Mondays so for those hectic days here are some fast and easy recipes

Fajita nachos

Red enchilada chicken

Spaghetti and meatballs

Infused water
click here on how

Healthy happenings

We are embarking on a new adventure... We need to get healthier
over the past few years we have been through a lot and haven't paid as much attention to our health as we should have ... now is the time for us to get healthier and happier .. if you are looking for people doing crazy cleanses and starvation we are not your girls there is something to be said for those tactics but we want to be "happier" and starving and drinking juice iis just not our way... We are embarking on this one step at a time First up is the first week
1.) Start taking a Multi-vitamin
2.) Make sure you are eating 6 mini meals a day (it doesn't matter what you eat this week just getting used to eating 6 mini meals)
3.) Start drinking as much water as you can ( I try to drink about 64 oz to start)
4.) Try replacing one soda or sugary beverage with fresh tea or water.
5.) Try moving around a little, even if you are dancing around the house .. just move

(Remember we are not doctors so any changes in your normal routine check with your doctor for their ok)

Week 2

How are you doing so far…

I know I have struggled with eating 6 mini meals .. life does not seem to be set up to eat 6 small meals it is set up to eat 3 main meals but with a little work and scaling back (but adding snacks) it is possible..

Are you drinking enough water and moving a little more… it really is important to just do it but if there are a few mistakes along the road that is ok too…

This week….

1.) Continue to drink lots and lots of water ….. try infusing it if you are tired of it. I am gonna posted a recipe for infused water later check back!

2.) try to get 3- 20 minutes workout sessions in … that can be walking, dancing, or like us when all else fails get out the good ole Wi

3.) Take a few minutes in a quiet spot and breathe … sounds simple but I have learned breathing is directly connected with anxiety and obviously you need as much oxygen as possible for everything to work properly so find your spot and take deep breaths I usually breathe in for a count of 7 and breathe out to a count of 7

4.) add protein… whether you are a vegetarian or a carnivore adding protein is really important… protein helps your muscles and your whole body work better

5.) Veggies veggies … add as many veggies as you want or need to feel full .. I don’t remember who said it but it is true “no one ever got fat eating vegetables” add veggies and fruit to your diet if you are already eating them add some more … replace any unhealthy food with a fruit or vegetable you will not regret it


keep up the good work

I have a few healthy recipes I will be posting all week

I am learning too…

It is hard to always make the best choices so that is why I am trying the 75/25 way of life ( I will be good 75 percent of the time)

Week 3
This week we are only gonna change one thing

keep track of what you are eating

just get a notebook and write down what you eat it is just for reference you don't have to change anything yet!!

keep up the good work

Arizona living

Living in Arizona we are already experiencing over a 100 degree heat ...

Luckily we have a pool and air conditioner to keep us cool.

The garden is started ....below is a picture of our parents apple trees ..

Apple recipes are gonna be starting soon ..


My new obsession crunch potatoes .. so easy too!!

For the recipe click here

Caprese salad

For the recipe click here

Spicy chicken salad

Chocolate recipes 


Chocolate fondue

Main dishes

BBQ ribs

Sausage and peppers sandwich

Fun Craft

We have a lot of extra jars in our house and a lot of ideas so we thought we would try to do some crafts for the holidays.....

For our first craft we did jars for putting things in like hot cocoa, marinades, dressings, etc...

Here is the final product go here to find out how to do it

Recipe for the honey mustard marinade is here

Easy cobbler


Football... our time is being wrapped up in football right now...

T N T files

Teddy and Tyson our beagles ( from the same litter). They are the most entertaining boys, so we have to share some of their antics.

Food truck experience

click below or go under entertainment then food truck experience


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