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Moxie- The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.
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We hope you enjoy our site we love good food, good products, and good entertainment. Make sure you come back everyday for new stuff we are working on.

Check out our blog for updates everyday



Who doesn't love Pinterest? We sure do.. We are testing out some of the posts we see all the time and wonder does that work? is that a good recipe?

check it out... Here

Living in Arizona we are already experiencing over a 100 degree heat ...

Luckily we have a pool and air conditioner to keep us cool.

The garden is started ....below is a picture of our parents apple trees ..

Apple recipes are gonna be starting soon ..


My new obsession crunch potatoes .. so easy too!!

For the recipe click here

Caprese salad

For the recipe click here

Spicy chicken salad

Chocolate recipes 


Chocolate fondue

Main dishes

BBQ ribs

Sausage and peppers sandwich

Fun Craft

We have a lot of extra jars in our house and a lot of ideas so we thought we would try to do some crafts for the holidays.....

For our first craft we did jars for putting things in like hot cocoa, marinades, dressings, etc...

Here is the final product go here to find out how to do it

Recipe for the honey mustard marinade is here

Easy cobbler


Football... our time is being wrapped up in football right now...

T N T files

Teddy and Tyson our beagles ( from the same litter). They are the most entertaining boys, so we have to share some of their antics.

Food truck experience

click below or go under entertainment then food truck experience


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